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        Precautions for the operation

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        Precautions for the operation

        Date of issue:2019-05-30 Authors: Click:

        1. The power of the tire picking machine must be in the normal state, and the power is in the off position when it is not working. The air pressure of the internal machine is at normal pressure, and the air pipe is not connected in the non-working state.

        2. Before replacing the tire, check whether the tire frame is deformed, and the air valve is not leaking or cracking. Large tire changer

        3. Unscrew the air valve to release the tire air pressure, place the tire in the middle of the compression arm, and operate the compression arm to separate the two sides of the tire from the wheel frame.

        4. Operate each switch to remove the anti-tire.

        5. When the new tire is installed, the tire Peugeot is up. Operate each switch to install the tire.

        6. After assembly, the switches are placed in the off position.

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